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Unparalleled in experience and expertise, we at D.E. Pool Tech apply our years of knowledge and skill to service and maintain your pool. Providing specialized repair and pool management for our South Florida customers, we can restore the structural integrity and the glistening appeal of every swimming pool. As the pool experts of choice, our goal is to create functional, practical and beautiful features that are built to last. Whether it is a cladding and fiberglass or water features, pavers and redesigns, D.E. Pool Tech is the name you can trust.

There’s so much more to water balancing, than just dumping chlorine into the pool, save your plaster and your wallet, we’ll do it right. Maintaining proper water balance includes (chlorine, PH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and salt if applicable.

Properly cleaning your pool should always include netting debris out, brushing algae off wall, tiles, and vacuuming any silt from the bottom floor. Done by us at every visit. 

We clean all filter systems on a scheduled basis or when needed, Skimmers are cleaned of debris to maintain proper flow rate and minimize total dissolved solids (TDS). All other baskets and filters assemblies are cleaned and inspected. 

We are capable of finding and repairing your leak. If your pool has a broken pipe under the pool or pool deck, we’ll find it and fix it in the spot. If your pool leak is underwater we can fix it without draining the pool. We will find the leak by means of underwater diving using modern diving methods to find the leak.

D.E. Pool Tech offers comprehensive training and consulting services to improve customer satisfaction and provide the best services in town. Training and consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of your individual organization and to produce measurable business results. 


repairs & renovations

Premium pool repair is vital to its longevity. D.E. Pool Tech provides bespoke pool repairs and renovations that remain a cut above the rest. Incorporating only the best materials with meticulous attention to detail, we invest in the safety, integrity and the aesthetic appeal of your newly repaired and remodeled swimming pool. In consultation with our residential and commercial clients, we provide competitive and valuable advice delivered by our qualified and passionate team. Our pool technicians and designers undertake all sized projects. No matter what your pool-related goals or desires, speak to us, and we will make it a reality.

All estimates are always free. With over a decade in the industry, there isn’t a single job or renovation we haven’t tackled in the past. The D.E. Pool Tech team is fully committed to bringing your dream pool alive by renovating and taking incredible care of your pool.

A swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have; but a pool with built-in heating is a whole other league. Unfortunately, that hard-working pool heater can give out as it ages, and the idea of having to buy a new one can be daunting. The good news is that our expert pool heater repair techs can help. At D.E. Pool Tech, we offer reliable pool heater repair services for commercial and residential customers.

Make your plaster spotless again. Acid washing removes a thin layer of your plaster, gunite or Pebble-Tec to reveal a fresh surface. This removes algae, minerals, chlorine and even dirt stains from the bottom and sides of your pool. At D.E. Pool Tech we offer reliable acid wash services for commercial and residential customers.

Our team has made an unbelievable breakthrough in providing swimming pool plumbing services. Attributed for its flexibility and reliability, these services are broadly demanded. More to this, we deliver these to our clients after understanding their budgetary requisites.

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The pump is the heart of your pool’s circulations system. Make sure it’s powerful, efficient, and quiet – like the IntelliFlo VSF Variable Speed and Flow Pump. Installed in more pools, saving more money, worldwide.


High-efficiency filtration systems from Pentair, like Clean & Clear Plus, deliver sparkling, clear water by removing impurities like dirt, hair, sunscreen and many unwelcome forms of bacteria.



Converting  your swimming pool to a salt chlorination based salt water swimming pool is a wise move. Salt (or saline) chlorination utilizes technology to sanitize your swimming pool water rather than using traditional chlorine. Their compact designs are compromised of a single clear vessel and power supply, eliminating the need for daisy chaining multiple cells. This more-efficient design lowers installation costs and consumes less space. Designed specifically for commercial applications.


Precision Control, is packaged with Integrated Communications High Resolution Control of Oxidant and pH levels, Lighted Flow Cell with Direct Reading PPM Sensor and Integrated Flow Switch Integral 100Basel Ethernet and USB Communications with Data Logging includes Open Architecture Remote Monitoring, Remote Control, and Alert Notifications via available wired Ethernet or Wireless network.


Facilities can use the HydroRite UV03 as a supplementary disinfectant system, which is recommended by guidelines in the Model Aquatic Health Code. Hayward’s HydroRite delivers a trip of disinfectants using UV, ozone and advanced oxidants that work to inactivate chlorine-resistant.

ozone and uv systems

POOL, spa, & fountain lighting

There is certainly nothing more spectacular than a magnificent pool, spa and fountain lighting. D.E. Tech specializes in the installation and the repair of all styles of contemporary lights for water features and beautiful pools. With custom illumination, we create spectacular design features to beautify and enhance. Our lighting solutions are tailored to meet your needs while recreating a fantastic display.

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